"Poor Unfortunate Soul"
Season 4, Episode 16
Featured Character Ursula
Air date April 19th, 2015
Written by Andrew Chambliss
Dana Horgan
Directed by Steve Pearlman
Episode Guide
Enter the Dragon
Best Laid Plans

Poor Unfortunate Soul is the sixteenth episode of Season 4.


Hook leverages his complicated history with Ursula to find out what she knows about Gold’s endgame. Gold and the Queens of Darkness torture August for information about the Author as Emma, Mary Margaret and David race to find them. Regina grows concerned for Robin Hood’s safety while she struggles to maintain her cover with the villains. In a Fairy Tale Land flashback, when a restless young Ursula enlists Hook’s help to run away from home, she soon learns it isn’t wise to trust a pirate.



Guest StarringEdit



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